Computerized Systems Integration

Provider of Software & Control Systems - Systems Integration - Implementation

LudanTech was established by Ludan Group to focus and promote the widening of its classical activities in the fields of integration of industrial data systems.

LudanTech ensures close cooperation of its subsidiaries by active coordination.

Ludan Software & Control Systems (LudanTech subsidiary) provides a set of specialized technical and managerial services for the implementation of process control systems in oil and gas production, petrochemicals, the food and beverage industry, biotech and more.

Ludan Software & Control Systems specializes in the deployment of modern and flexible, standards-based Integration Solutions.

Ludan System Solutions SRL (LudanTech subsidiary) is a sister company of Ludan Software & Control Systems, providing the same services in Romania.

Symcotech (LudanTech subsidiary) is designing and manufacturing Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs) since 1993.

In its 20 years of operation Symcotech has developed and manufactured over 150 different Bespoke Automatic Test Systems.

Ardan Control Tech Ltd , a subsidiary of Ludan Tech, is a leading provider of advanced integrated automation and control solutions, operating in versatile markets: Industrial, Energy management, Petrochemical facilities, Security & Defense, RFID, Audio-Video, Multi Media, Building management systems and Low Voltage Systems.

Cyber Security , a subsidiary of Ludan Tech, provides security solutions for critical Infrastructure operations systems.

LudanTech's services are delivered by a network of highly trained engineers and designers. Our people gather collectively an unmatched collection of professional training, cutting-edge tools, and global information resources.

As a result, LudanTech gives its customers a decisive advantage in the integration of systems that are required to meet industry's increasingly complex needs.