Community Responsibility

Ludan company contributes to the community in various fields, corresponding to the geographic location of the company branches and to the needs of their environment.

  1. The company joined the association of promoting education in various municipalities, which work to assist the children and youth with backgrounds of distress, and conduct educational programs and activities.
  2. In Beer Sheva a long years' tradition is running, on which during the months of July - August, the children and grandchildren of the South branch employees are working in a local school for children with special needs. As a part of the activity, the youth helps with the ongoing operation, assisting the school staff, creates "active breaks" and joins the activities outside the school, like trips or movies, for which a special effort is needed in order to provide an individual care to the children with severe discipline problems.

    Moreover, the wonderful youth collaborates in moving, painting, cleaning and renovating when needed. During the activities, Ludan children are being exposed to another reality and learn to be aware of, to refer to and to deal with "the different".

    All these activities are managed and funded by Ludan; not less important for us is the personal contribution that each and every employee's child absorbs from this project.

  3. Furthermore, the company has granted financial contributions to different organizations, such as: supporting bike journey for the children of Schneider hospital and a contribution to establish a "Yad Sarah" house in Beer Sheva.